Vision and Values of VELLIS S.A.

Aim and Vision

The aim and vision of VELLIS S.A. is the continuous growth and the development of a strong brand name in the global industry market of cleaning products.

With respect to the environment and the customer as our focal point, our main concern is maintaining profitability by offering a complete line of household and professional cleaning goods of superior quality and competitive pricing.

The responsibility towards our employees and the community, the reliability and the contribution to the economic growth are non-negotiable values.

Για να πετύχουμε την αποστολή και  το όραμα μας εργαζόμαστε καθημερινά με γνώμονα τις αξίες μας:

  • Complete

    devotion and understanding in our customers –consumers needs

  • Products

    quality assurance and improvement

  • Pleasant

    and safe workplace

  • Respect

    for the environment and its protection

  • High

    social responsibility