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Company Profile


VELLIS SA was founded in 1980, at Giannouli, Larissa (Greece) and is active in the manufacturing of home and professional cleaning products, up to date. During its long presence in the field, VELLIS SA has achieved brand recognition and top demand by its devoted consumers. Vellis Sa has to offer a vast range of quality products, that rise up to the challenge of the highest customer needs, in both domestic and professional aspects. “Vellis” means high reliability, trust and instant customer service.

Why   VELLIS SA products make such a distinction?


35 years of successful engagement in the field of cleaning products manufacturing.

Master knowledge:

Carefully, appointed executive and working personnel with highly praised technical skills.Continuous training in the newest technologies.

Vertical integration:

State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment constantly renewed by means of investing.

Certified quality:

ISO 9001:2008 certification


Vellis is the  registered trademark  of VELLIS SA , present in all its branded products. Owner of trademarks/brands: Magic, Corina, multiple-mop , Vellex and Master.